Aico EI168RC Radio Link Base Plate – Mains Powered Radio Link Detector Base

AED 472.50

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  • 230 Volt Mains Powered
  • Communicates Via Radio Frequency
  • Operates on 868.499 Mhz
  • 10 Year Plus Lithium Cell Battery Backup
  • Interference Free
  • Compatible with any of the Aico 160RC range of Detectors
  • Unique ‘Easy Fit’ Design


  • The Aico Radio Link Base Plate EI168RC is specifically designed to be used with the Aico 160RC range of Detectors and enables the detectors to be inter-connected without the installation of cables between them.  This Radio Link base plate communicates using 868.49Mhz and has a 10 Year Plus Lithium Battery Backup.

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