Ansell Alphatec Combination of Grip & Chemical Resistance Gloves

Ansell Alphatec Combination of Grip & Chemical Resistance Gloves


Part No: 58-535B/07

The AlphaTec glove incorporates revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology™ to enable users to handle wet or oily objects with less grip force and more control. This unique combination of liquid-proof chemical resistance and grip, together with flexibility and dexterity, makes the AlphaTec glove the logical choice when working with chemicals.

Reliable chemical protection for added user safety. The patented Ansell Grip Technology™ ensures that the coating polymer does not penetrate the liner during manufacture. The coating is therefore consistent and sound, significantly reducing the likelihood of chemical leakage onto the skin.

AlphaTec models with white nylon liner are recommended for indoor applications, whereas AlphaTec models with black acrylic liner are recommended for outdoor applications.  Antistatic according to EN1149

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  • Chemical handling
  • Printing industry
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Emergency services
  • Maintenance
  • Agrochemicals
  • Chemical handling, especially caustics and solvents
  • Handling objects coated in grease and oils
  • Refining – Oil & Petrol
  • Packaging: 6 pairs in a bag; 12 bags in a carton


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