Ansell Mercury 43-113 Heat and Flame Resistant Glove

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  • ActivArmr 43-113 safety gloves feature Dupont Kevlar outer yarn and can intermittently handle dry hot objects up to 350˚C/660˚F, resisting radiant, convective and contact heat
  • ActivArmr 43-113 flame resistant gloves do not melt, drip or propagate flames as they self-extinguish, protecting hands, wrists and arms from serious skin injuries
  • ActivArmr 43-113 protective gloves are cotton-lined, boosting their absorbency and dexterity
  • Their long knit wrist cuff also ensures greater forearm and wrist protection



  • Heat- and cut-resistant gloves, granting wearers complete hand and wrist protection
  • They also satisfy ANSI A5/EN ISO E cut resistance standards, making them an ideal choice for handling machinery and equipment

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