Cooper CMT360 Conventional Fixed Heat Detector 77 Degrees (EFXN524 / MMT860)

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  • wo wire connection
  • 360° visibility LED using light pipe technology
  • Wide range of detector types
  • Drift compensation
  • Removable detector chamber
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Wide viewing angle for increased LED visibility
  • Common mounting base
  • Positive “lock” indication
  • Discreet design for incorporation in to any décor
  • Easy to maintain/service


  • The fixed heat detectors (CMT360) and (CHT390) will detect temperatures above 77ºC and 92ºC.The rate of rise heat detector (CFR330) is used to detect rapid increases in temperature with a maximum threshold of 60ºC. These detectors are designed to be used in environments where the ambient conditions might cause false alarms if smoke detection were to be used, for example where there is a high level of dust, fumes, steam or smoke under normal conditions

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