Cygnus CYG2 Wireless Call Point Alarm With Alkaline Battery Pack

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  • Manufacturer : Cygnus
  • Part Number : CYG2
  • Wireless Call Point And Alarm Unit
  • Alkaline Battery Pack Version
  • Integral Sounder & LED Beacon
  • Sound Output : 110 dBA
  • Resettable Call Point


The Cygnus CYG2 is a wireless battery powered call point unit designed for use on building sites and construction projects.  It operates using a single battery pack and can be used in external locations.

This unit has also been designed so that it can operate as a stand alone unit.  They are normally situated around the site in prominent places on main escape routes, stairwells and on, or near fire points where they are visible in case of an emergency.

The Cygnus CYG2 unit has an integral 110 dBA sounder and flashing LED beacon for visual alarm indication.  The call point has a resettable element and can be programmed with a sounder delay if required.

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