Doncaster Firesure 500 2 Core X 1.5MM Fire Rated Cable – White- 100MTR

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  • Conductor : Plain Annealed Copper Class 1 or 2 to BS EN 60228
  • Insulation: Silicone Rubber Type EI2 to BS EN 50363-1
  • Screen 1: Glass Fibre Tape
  • Screen 2: Double Copper/Polyester Screen In Direct Contact With Tinned Annealed Copper CPC. Providing excellent Earthing Characteristics
  • Sheath: Thermoplastic LSNH Type LTS 3 to BS 7655-6.1
  • Current Ratings: For current ratings refer to table 4D2 of BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition.


  • These cables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in suitably protected environments and is particularly appropriate for direct burial in plaster, clipped directly to surface, tray and other installations requiring addressable.

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