EvacKRESH 3ET-14 Emergency Evacuation Equipment

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• Wipe clean wall mounted storage bag.
• Quick and simple to deploy in an emergency
• Load up to 12 infants, no securing straps.
• No maximum infant capacity, infant number dependent on infant size and capacity of
EvacKRESH compartment.
• Durable hard plastic base to move easily over nearly all types of floor surface.
• Easy clean Flame Retardant PVC construction with 50mm of 33H foam padding
• Hi Visibility, soft touch pulling straps


EvacKRESH 3ET-14 Emergency Evacuation Equipment is designed for the rapid emergency evacuation of several infants from a crèche facility within a building. Once placed in the EvacKRESH the infants are slid from the building by a minimum of 1 person in a horizontal evacuation and a minimum of 2 persons if the evacuation route involves moving up or down a flight of stairs.

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