Flametech 4kg Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

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  •  Out diameter (mm): Ø138
  •  Cylinder high (mm): 359
  •  Cylinder weight (kg): 1.84
  • Extinguisher weight (Kg): 6.5
  • Volume (L): 4.7
  • Filling charge: 4Kg40%ABC(EN615)
  •  Temperature range (°C): -20°C -+ 60°C
  • Working pressure (bar): 15
  •  Test pressure (bar): 30
  •  Material: DC01
  • Fire Rating: 27A 113B


High – grade brass head assembly ensure reliability and efficiency. Working Pressure 14 Bar for maximum fire fighting performance give greater application. Long drawn high grade colled rolled steel body shelf for optimum body strength with Argon welding process 23mm Diaphragm pressure gauge provides a very accurate indication of extinguisher’s pressure status and suction tube is PVC made.  Polyester external coating and oven baked adds extra protection to withstand extreme temp. Simple seize and squeeze method of operation combine with controlled discharge for max fire fighting performance with a safety pin.

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