Honeywell 1815732 Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

AED 1,653.75

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  • Supplied with (empty) 3L steel cylinder.
  • Duration = 15 minutes
  • Total dimensions = 500x160x180 mm (19,7×6,3×7,1″)
  • Weight = 5.36 kg / 11.8 lbs


The Bio-S-Cape is a compressed air emergency escape breathing device designed to offer easy donning, combined with optimal respiratory protection. It is contained in a bag for carrying which, when opened, automatically triggers the supply of breathable air from the cylinder. Overpressure maintained inside the hood eliminates any risk of inhaling toxic gases. The hood is adjusted automatically thanks to the integrated inflatable air cushion on the back of the head. This system allows the hood to fit securely over the head, offering greater respiratory comfort and leaving the hands free during donning, ensuring the highest level of safety. An alarm whistle indicates when the air supply is about to run out.

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