Honeywell DRP AERIS Confront Type 2 with Zenith Demand Valve

AED 5,040.00

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  • Polypropylene & Aramide Black Back Pack Harness
  • Panoramic Full Face Mask with 5 Point Head Strap with Polycarbonate Lens
  • Steel Cylinder (Empty)
  • Pressure Gauge: 200 Bar – 6 Liters {30 Mins. Duration}
  • Non-Metallic, Ergonomic, Flexible Back Plate for Comfort
  • 3 Carry Handles for Easy Manutention
  • Compatible with both Demand Positive Pressure Quick Click Valves
  • Flame Retardant Reflective Pads Accessories on Shoulders
  • End of Operation Alarm Whistle Integrated for Improved Safety


  • The Aeris Confort Type 2 with Zenith Demand Valve (1825111) is a high-quality breathing apparatus from France that meets various international standards. It features a full-face mask with a polycarbonate lens and a steel cylinder with a pressure gauge of 200 Bar – 6 Liters. The apparatus is compatible with both demand positive pressure quick click valves and comes with an end-of-operation alarm whistle for improved safety.

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