Howler Site Alert – Building Site Alarm System

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  • Manufacturer : Howler
  • Part Number : SA01
  • Building / Contruction Site Alarm
  • Interconnectable or Stand Alone
  • Battery Powered
  • Upto 20 Units Can Be Interlinked Together (Using a 2 Core Cable)
  • Weatherproof for External Use
  • Low Battery Warning Facility


  • The Howler SA01 Site Alert Alarm is ideal for use on construction and building sites.  The Howler Site Alert is designed to be manually operated via the button on the front of the unit.  This will then give an audible warning via the siren built into the Site Alert and a visual alarm via the high intensity LED strobe integral to the unit.
  • The Howler Site Alert is completely battery powered (using a 9V battery) and can be used as either a stand alone alarm system or alternatively they can be interlinked.  Up to 20 Howler Site Alert Alarms can be interlinked together.  When the units are interlinked, the activation of one of the site alarms will cause all the Site Alert units linked together to be activated at the same time.
  • The Howler Site Alert Alarm has a high output siren rated at 100dB @ 1 metre from the unit and has a high intensity LED strobe to give a visual strobe warning.  This feature allows operatives within the building site to acknowledge that an alarm has be raised in even the noisiest of environments.
  • The Howler Site Alert alarm also features a low battery warning facility which will activate when the battery level within the unit is getting low.


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