Long LG40-12N 40AH,12V Gel Batteries

Long LG40-12N 40AH,12V Gel Batteries


  • Safe and effective explosion-proof and ventilation design.
  • Available for side, vertical, or upright installation.
  • Non-spillable and maintenance free.
  • UL 1989 certified.
  • Compliant with the IATA/A67 and IMDG/238 requirements for transportation.
  • Long life and low self-discharge rate.

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  • Length : 199+3-1 (7.83+0.12-0.04)
  • Width:  166+3-1 (6.54+0.12-0.04)
  •  Height: 171+3-1 (6.73+0.12-0.04)
  •  Overall Height: 171+3-1 (6.73+0.12-0.04)mm(inch)
  • Weight:13.3kg(29.3Lbs.)



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