Per4mer FS-009 5Person First Aid Kit

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  • Sterile Gauze Pad 5x5cm:2
  • Triangular Bandage Non Woven :1
  • Adhesive Bandage 72x19mm :10
  • Adhesive Bandage 10x6cm :4
  • Elastic Bandage 8x400cm :1
  • Elastic Bandage 6x400cm:1
  • Scissors :1
  • Vinyl Gloves :1
  • First aid box 25*17*7.5cm :1


  • Can be put together for the purpose by individual or organization or purchased complete
  • Traditionally been intended for treatment of minor injuries only
  • Typical contents includes adhesive bandages
  • Gauze and low grade disinfectant
  • First aid kit is available for various regions
  • First aid kit requires all job sited and work place

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