Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Test Kit

Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Test Kit



  • 1 x 460-001 Cordless Head Detector Tester
  • 1 x 770-001 Battery Batons (option to buy second baton in the drop-down box)
  • 1 x 727-001 240v Mains & Car Charger
Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Test Kit


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The industry’s most popular heat detector tester, the Solo 461 is a battery powered heat detector tester that connects to a Solo access pole allowing a maximum reach of 9 metres.  The Solo 461 uses patented technology to direct a focused beam of heat directly towards the sensor.

The new SOLO770 Battery Baton is a higher capacity product (3000mAh). It allows greater efficiency both in the field and on site, as it gives more tests per battery, for the same charge time as before, but provided by the new SOLO727 Battery Charger.

The SOLO727 charger has also been improved and, while it provides the same functionality as before, it is now capable of enabling fast charging of the new, higher capacity battery batons from both mains power and in-vehicle outlets.

  • Heat is directed straight at the detector sensor
  • Suits fixed temperature, rate-of-rise and combination detectors up to 194F / 90C
  • Endorsed by leading detector manufacturers
  • Sets 95% of all spot / point heat detector types into alarm within seconds
  • Tests detectors up to 9m with Solo universal access poles
  • No cables / cords – powered from battery baton within pole
  • Infra-red beam is broken by detector to activate heat generation
  • Microprocessor control maintains constant heat and airflow
  • Universal design suits widest range of detectors
  • Battery powered
  • Transparent test cup for clear view of detector LED
  • Goes into standby after 120 seconds of use for protection
  • Switches off completely after 5 minutes in standby


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