Vesda VHX-0300 Pc Link HLI With Leads (Open Protocol)

AED 1,433.25

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  • Direct access and monitoring of VESDAnet system
  • Seamless data transfer
  • Easily configured using Xtralis configuring and monitoring software packages


A VESDA High Level Interface (HLI) enables connection between a VESDAnet and configuration and monitoring platforms. Two main models are available: 1) Sliding Windows HLI, which enables communication between a VESDAnet and configuration and monitoring software packages Xtralis VSC and Xtralis VSM4 and 2) Open Protocol HLI, which integrates a VESDAnet to third-party software packages, building management systems (BMSs) and fire alarm control panels (FACPs). These HLIs are available in a plastic portable housing, which can be used in multiple sites, and a fixed wall-mounted configuration to provide a permanent connection in a convenient location at one site.

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