VHX-1200 VESDA Metal Enclosure With Vesdanet Socket And HLI

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  • The VESDA Wall-Mounted Sliding Windows High Level Interface (HLI) links your VESDAnet* with PC software monitoring and configuring tools such as Xtralis VSM4 and Xtralis VSC. The Wall-Mounted Sliding Windows HLI includes a builtin VESDAnet socket card.


  • Connecting to your VESDAnet is easy and convenient because the Wallmounted HLI does not need to be mounted near an VESDA smoke detector. The Wall-mounted HLI can be mounted in an easy-to-access, remote location away from your detectors, such as on a wall near your PC.
  • Simple Configuration and Seamless Data Transfer
  • Your HLI is easily configured using your PC and Xtralis VSC or Xtralis VSM4 software packages. The Wall-mounted HLI VHX-1200 provides seamless data transfer from your VESDAnet to your PC.

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