VRT-Q00 Vesda VLI Remote Display With Relays

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  • Provides Immediate Status Reporting for a Single VESDA Zone
  • Allows Zone Control of Assigned VESDA Detector
  • High Intensity Alarm LEDs
  • Remote Relay Option
  • 20-Segment Vertical Bar Graph Display
  • Alarm Threshold Indicators
  • Built-In Sounder for Audible Warning
  • Comprehensive Fault Reporting
  • Multi-mode Numeric Display (defaults to smoke obscuration)
  • Recessed Mounting Option


  • A VESDA Remote Display Module monitors and reports the status of a VESDA aspirating smoke detector. The display module can be mounted in a detector unit or separately in a remote unit or 19” sub rack connected via VESDAnet. It provides a visual representation of smoke levels along with all alarm and fault conditions. For monitoring convenience, multiple displays can be associated with a single detector.

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