Safety Precautions that Must Before Entering a Construction Site!!

1.   Wear your PPE at all times

Wearing your PPE can protect you in any danger. Hi – viz helps make sure you are seen. Safety boots give you grip and protect your feet. Hard hats are easily replaced, but your skull isn’t.

2.     Do not start work without an induction

Each site has its unique hazard sand work operations. No two sites are exactly the same. Make sure you know what is happening so that you can work safely .

3.     Keep a Tidy Site

Construction work is messy. Slips and trips might not seem like a major problem compared to other high – risk work happening on the site, but don’t be fooled.
Remember to keep your work area tidy throughout your shift to reduce the number of slip and trip hazards.

4.     Follow Safety Signs and Procedures

Control measures are put in places for your safety. Make sure they are in place and working before you start.