Vesda VHX-0410 Modbus HLI For Darwish And Honeywell Only

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• ModBus HLI Type 1 (VHX-0400) which echoes each character received on the RS232 link back to the host together with reply message.

• ModBus HLI Type 2 (VHX-0410) which has the echoing function disabled.


  • One ModBus HLI is used to interface to a VESDAnet. Modbus HLI supports up to a maximum of 40 VESDA detectors on a VESDAnet.The Modbus HLI supports VESDAnet detector zone numbers between 1 to 200. The Modbus HLI divides up the address range into to 7 logical networks. For example the first 30 addresses are considered in network 1, addresses between 31 to 60 are in network 2 and so on.

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