VHX-1310 VESDA Metal Box HLI Master-Slave

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  • The VESDA Wall-Mounted Open Protocol High Level Interface (HLI) links your VESDAnet1 with PC software monitoring tools, Building Management Systems (BMSs) and Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs), otherwise known as ‘host’.
  • With a built-in VESDAnet interface you don’t need a remote VESDAnet socket module, which makes the Wall-mounted HLI a cost effective solution to your interface requirements.
  • There are two models available, depending on whether you require communication between your host and VESDAnet to be master-slave or peer-to-peer.
  • VHX-1310 Wall-Mounted Open Protocol HLI (master-slave)


  • In the master-slave model, the host supervises the communications link between itself and the HLI (slave) by regularly polling the HLI to determine whether there has been a change in the status of a detector on VESDAnet. In response to polling by the host, the HLI generates a single response which is sent back to the host. In this way, no unsolicited messages are sent from the HLI to the host. Depending on the polling strategy adopted, the Master/ Slave Open Protocol HLI is able to report any and all fire alarms within a few seconds of a detector going into alarm. Exact performance is dependent on the polling strategy adopted.


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